April is the Month of Abundance and annual Food Drive with Loudoun Hunger Relief.  This year we are teaming up with our three High School Interact Clubs to collect 10,000 pounds of non-perishable food and $10,000 for scholarships or work at Loudoun Hunger Relief.
Please volunteer to be a Block Captain and have a donation box at your home or office.  Ask everyone you know to pitch in for a great cause.  Our collective efforts will make for a surprising great event and contribution to those in need.  Even in Loudoun County we have over 11,000 food insecure families.  This basic commodity is the first break in the cycle of poverty. 
Clean out your pantry and make a great impact on our good works and deeds.  Would you like a donation box?  Please write me and I'll make them available  at the meeting on Thursday or the Board of Director's meeting on Friday.